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Time to concede defeat

29 Nov

I have been denying it for a month.  Blowing off my husband at the very suggestion of it, every time.  But now…now I have to admit defeat.  I am sick. A Z-pak may just be in my future. 

I got up this morning and the shifting of snot in the back of my throat caused an hour long coughing fit that caused my lights to dim.  I hate that feeling.  So, my hubby called my principal while I was hacking away in the stairwell and not able to speak or breathe.  Lesson plans were emailed to the secretary.  Articles and questions were uploaded to the Moodle page. And now we wait.  The doc’s office doesn’t start answering the phone until 8, even though she sees patients at 7am.  I will call and I will be good and go in.  I just have such a hard time admitting I am sick enough to go to the doctor.

Now, if there was ever a good day for me to admit that I can’t go in, today is it.  A huge reason why I have not been going in has been J’s med classes.  He leaves the house when we do at 6am.  That means I have to take the kids to school and pick them up.  Well, if that is the case, I am already at work and I may as well just go in.  But today, my hubby has a rotation at St. Mary’s and it doesn’t start until 1pm.  So as we speak, he is taking the three stooges into school for me, while I hang here with O.  Her cough is starting so I thought I would see if I can get her in with me.



23 Nov

I parked in a different lot than I usually do.  I looked at her parking spot and smiled.  She always makes me smile. I came into work, trying to figure out how to get the Maytag man out to my house – AGAIN! – and as soon as I read my second email, it was all forgotten.  We have lost a cornerstone of our school, the rest seems like it means nothing.

In a tragic accident, we lost Sister Virginia.  Sr. Virginia has been with the school since near on the beginning.  She retired from teaching in 2007 and still came in on a daily basis to run the school’s writing resource center.  The stories she would tell would make your head spin and your heart full.  Sr. Virginia would often be the one to pull me aside after one of my ranting emails to staff, reminding them of this policy or that, which was being left to the side at that point, and tell me to give them heck.  Remind them of what we should be doing.  And in some points, seeing as I am the head of an all male department, remind me to remind them whose “boss”.  She always made you smile.

Somehow, I was missed on the phone chain. I did not receive the tragic news the night before.  Instead, I got it through an email in morning, as I sat at my desk, trying to keep the three stooges quiet.  It took the wind out of my chest.  It was an accident, caused by the dark of night.  And, probably most tragically, the driver was a parent of several of our kids, two of which were in the car.  Their family needs to receive the prayers for healing.  I can’t imagine the guilt and pain that they are going through.  Sister’s position is assured, I have no concerns for her.  She will be missed, everyday, but my thought was that if Lord needed her, this was the only way he was going to get her.  Sr. Virginia would never leave willingly.

Photo by Matthew Olson of Kenosha News

We had mass in the morning, four priests (which is amazing if you have ever tried to get one on short notice and we had FOUR!) celebrated her life.  The amount of support she received from the community and alumni was amazing.  One of our engineers who was still at school when the accident happened, made a beautiful cross to serve as a memorial.  He was in shock and visibly shaken, even this morning.  I was grateful to see him during mass, when he is usually not with us. We got permission from the homeowners, took a large group of kids down and had another moment to remember her kindness, generosity, compassion and to ask that we might be able to take just a fraction of what she gave to the world and make that our goal.  I was asked to lead prayer, which I am not very good at.  My prayers in class are well-written and well rehearsed.  On-demand public prayer makes my stomach turn. But, I got through it and few of my kids said they got goosebumps, so I didn’t fall on my face and embarrass Sister.

Please say a prayer for our larger family.  Sister impacted five generations, as a teacher, as the Mother Superior when we still had nuns, as a friend and her loss will be noticed by all.  I am grateful that I was able to have a chat with her the day before, she was an inspiration. I was blessed to have worked with her.

Hi, Mine Name is Trina and I Am an Addict

20 Nov

I admit it.  I am a TV junkie.  I love crime dramas and the oddity.  I have a DVR in the family room and in the bedroom.  With the kids, I don’t get to watch a lot of TV while they’re awake.  So, I record everything I might want to watch.  In theory, I watch TV once they go to bed.  But at that point there have still been dishes to wash, laundry to do, papers to grade.  You get the idea. If I gave in every time I wanted to watch something, my muppets would be running feral in the streets, my gradebook would be empty and my k9s would be ransacking the pantry. So, my DVRs are FULL.  Usually, I get caught up when my hubby is on shift.  Unfortunately, Paramedic School has goofed up my routine.

Upstairs, my DVR has stuff for my classroom and things I never want the kids to have access to (I am a closet American Horror Story fan, but that is a post for another day.) and is not quite as full.  Downstairs, however, has needed a trimming for quite a while.  I deleted new shows I have not had a chance to get into – no need to take up 5 episodes worth of space on my hard drive.  

Last night, my hubby stayed up late watching Animal House, as he has never seen it.  Me, I slept on his lap, as I have seen at least 905,489 times.  We got up to the bedroom around 1:30am.  My FF was not quite sleepy so, the bedroom TV was still on when I drifted off.

My girly girls fell asleep while we were watching A Christmas Carol last night and had their batteries recharged.  Therefore O crawled into bed with me at 4am and woke up her sister at 5am.  B woke up and offered to help clean the girls’ room.  It looks like a bomb of tulle, bows and clickty-clacks, with some jeans and stinky shoes thrown in for balance.  My cue to get caught up.  I am on NCIS #3 with one more to go.  I still have a ton of NCIS: LA, CSI:NY, and Criminal Minds.  I am going to see what I can knock off while the three stooges are still willing to clean and my hubby is still snoozing.  Then, it is back to laundry and lesson plans.  Until then, I get to indulge in my addiction. 

Tell Me What to Do!

18 Nov

You can fuss about me all you want on my FB page.  I DON’T CARE!  WE HAVE ANOTHER DEAD BABY FROM CO-SLEEPING!

Police investigating Milwaukee’s 10th unsafe sleep death this year   

By Crocker Stephenson of the Journal Sentinel

The baby is at least the 10th Milwaukee infant to die this year while in an unsafe sleep environment. Seven of those deaths occurred while the infant was sleeping with an adult or another child.
Two babies died after being placed on an unsafe surface or in an unsafe position.
Another died while sleeping with his sister and his grandmother, Lisa Humphrey, who has been charged with giving the infant a mixture of morphine and oxycodone.
Two of the co-sleeping deaths have occurred since Nov. 9, when city officials vowed to reduce Milwaukee’s infant mortality rate by 10%.
Officials also unveiled what has since become a controversial advertisment campaign that pictures a baby sleeping in an adult bed, a large knife tucked in the covers nearby.
“Your baby sleeping with you can be just as dangerous,” the ad says.
The American Academy of Pediatrics says the safest way for babies to sleep is alone, on their backs, in a crib free of pillows, blankets, toys and other soft objects.
I can tell you right where this was taken.

Tell me to read up on safe bed sharing.  Tell me how RIDICULOUS I am being.  Tell me how ignorant I am. And I will tell you we lost another life.  

Tell me what to do.  Tell me how to fix this epidemic.  IT IS MAKING ME SICK! 

I can’t go door to door and I don’t think that would do it if I could.  Shock and awe ads have people talking, but they are all bickering like a bunch of clucking hens.  Instead of name calling, HELP!  SOLUTIONS PEOPLE, SOLUTIONS.  Real live action  plans. Education is a powerful tool, YEAH, I get it (I am a teacher, remember), but how do we educate??  Read this pamphlet?  Yeah, not gonna do it.  Lecture??  Yeah, that simply causes people to tune you out and then your message is totally lost. Trust me, we as high school teachers see it more than we’d like and have to remind ourselves. No more theoretical.  No more this doctor says I am right and you are wrong.  NO MORE.  

No more lost babies.  No more lost futures.  No more broken hearts.  No more Empty Cradles.

World Prematurity Day

17 Nov
I think she finally hit 2000 grams this day!  No cannulas, thinking
about an open air crib.

My little 29 weeker.  My MIRACLE baby.  The reason why I take people’s attacks so personally.  It is World Prematurity Day.  As a mommy of not only a 29 weeker, but also three 35 weekers, I am forever in debt to the March of Dimes for the work that they did before O was born and the work they continue to do.  Micro-preemies like O just didn’t make it once upon a time.  Now, I am the proud mommy of a fiesty little rough and tumble gal!  Thank God for the work that the March of Dimes does.

My 8lb 8 month old CRAWLING!  So funny to see a
baby the size of a newborn crawling.  
Coming home day – 49 days old
4# 15oz

My miracle BIG GIRL!

Sorry, You Don’t Get to Do That!

16 Nov

Great, you shared a bed with your baby and they didn’t die. But what about those who did.  Just because your baby survived the game of Russian Roulette you are playing with her life, does not make it okay to promote it for others.  Wonderful, you bonded with your baby because you shared a bed.  So did I and they slept in a crib.  You don’t get to tell me what a selfish lazy mommy I must have been.  You just DON’T!!

You don’t get to judge me because I am actively pushing for safe sleeping in one of Milwaukee’s poorest neighborhoods.  You DON’T get to call me a bad mommy because I let my babies develop the self-confidence to sleep alone.   YOU DON’T GET TO JUDGE ME!  Keep your malicious comments to your own Facebook page.  If you don’t agree with the research and the stories on Pleasant Dreams, Sleep Tight, then move along sister, no one is keeping you here.  YOU DON’T GET TO CALL ME A BAD MOMMY BECAUSE I DID NOT BREAST FEED MY BABIES.  What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?  Obviously leaving them with out a mommy because I suffered ANOTHER 28 minute tonic-clonic seizure because I did not take my meds so I could safely breast feed my baby would be against AMA.  Oh yeah, my docs also frown on not taking my bp meds and aspirin…something about a heart attack or stroke or something.  Funny thing those prolapsed valves.  My children are all bonded to me, a bit more than I would like some days, like when I am grading papers and there are 2 on my lap smiling.  My super uterus brought my littlest into the world with a super cord, when conventional wisdom said the cerclage were NEVER hold so late in the pregnancy.  YOU DON’T GET TO JUDGE.   Yeah, you glowed through your whole pregnancy, once you got past the ‘vaoprs’ brought on by the first tinges of naseau.  Me, nope, I glowed from the violent vomiting for my entire pregnancies, oh wait, that was sweat and tears.  Zofran became my buddy and cut my hospitalizations by half once it was approved for OB patients.

We have a problem in Milwaukee.  BABIES ARE DYING.  Our infant mortality rate rivals that of developing countries and some third world countries.  Instead of calling me names, FIND A FRICKING SOLUTION!  Sorry you are offended by the ad campaign that came out this week.  GUESS WHAT?  As they were unveiling that ad campaign, firefighters were working on a 7 week-old who died from a  co-sleeping death.  How is that for tragic irony?  IT WAS A PREVENTABLE DEATH!  Stop judging, stop name calling and help.  If shock and awe saves a life, I am all for it.  As much enjoyment as you got out of posting that crap on my FB page, I got just as much out of it by deleting your post and blocking you from the page.  You are not helping anyone.  Be part of the solution, not a noisy clucking hen.

Google (or just click on the links) Milwaukee Infant Mortality rates or 53210 infant deaths or co-sleeping deaths Milwaukee and tell me what your great idea is to reverse this trend.  Make a difference, not a judgement.  You are not the Big Guy.  He will be the judge of me.  Get off your damn high horse and save a baby’s life. 

Wish me luck, YET AGAIN!

15 Nov

Ummm, in theory, the Maytag Man will be waiting at my house in an hour when I get home from school. I guess they did not like a random firewife fussin’ on her blog. I got a phone call and an email within 24 hours of business opening AND an appointment.  Hopefully it is something they can FIX TONIGHT!

Send your good juju my way.  I need it!

UPDATE – 1559 CST – YEAH, it works again.  As I suspected, a belt slipped off and it was a 30 minute fix.  Please let it stay running now, please.