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Time to Move On!

11 Apr

I have been fighting with my blog since I upgraded it.  I know better than to be in the first round of upgrades, but I wanted to see what Google was going to make bigger, better and brighter.  So, I upgraded and started fussin’ like everyone on FaceBook after one of their upgrades.  I HATE IT!!

I couldn’t make it work or find help.  So, I took my business elsewhere.  I will post in both places until I figure out how to have traffic forwarded to the new site.  I found some links, but I have not yet had the time to look at them.  So, please be patient with me while I work my way around the format.  I also have to decide on free vs. premium and all that jazz.

Here is the new link if you are interested.  I have imported everything, but not all posts transferred. Again, be patient with me.


Tell Me Again…

5 Apr

that it has nothing to do with the BLUE shift!  UGH!!

Monday, Blue Shift.  10 hours after saying good-bye to my Willow, 3 1/2 hours after the boys wake up with  fevers, after a night of NO sleep…I back out of the parking spot next to the garage.  My FF has been taking my car, saves gas, when he goes to work.  I have been taking his disaster of a Durango.  Used to be my truck, now J drives it and it looks like a tornado touched down.  But, what is best, I take the truck.

So…back to the Blue Shift on Monday.  I back out of the parking slab and the truck dies.  Just dies. Blocking the whole freakin’ alley.  Its a Blue Shift, my FF is leaving early, for some reason.  I run inside to see if I can grab him.  My sick, mourning kids tell me that he has already left.  I frantically call his phone, ready to beg him to come back.  He’s still in front of the house, no begging needed.  Thank goodness.

So…he drives around the back, he gets the bright idea that we have to push it.  With no power steering, I work to get the wheels to turn and they reluctantly turn.  Come back to help push.  Unfortunately, we are going to hit the garage.  Plan B, my superhero FF is going to push while I fight with the steering wheel.  Plan C. Push the truck with my car.  My poor car.  Now needs touch up paint.  But, we got it out of the alley, around to the front and parked on the correct side of the street for parking restrictions.  Next night our amazing neighbor fixes it – distributor cap.  Yesterday, hubby drives it – no issues.  This AM, it reluctantly starts.  I mention it to my FF as he checks with me.  He kind of condescendingly tells me just to give it some gas as I start it. So, we get to school.  I try, unsuccessfully, to work at my desk, time to get the little stooges over to the other campus, running late, get everyone in their car seats.  No go.  Car won’t turn over.  Sigh.

Luckily, the guidance counselor lent me her keys so I could take my kids to school.  Rush back for the Career Fair today.  Now, I just have to figure out how to get home.  We are a party of 5.  Most people I work with have mini-vans for a reason.  Others with cars, simply don’t have room for 5.  Luckily, again, my good friend Linda came to the rescue and brought us home.

J tells me I will fuss no matter what shift it is. I say the Blue Shift is cursed.  I am so grateful to be moving into a house next to another fire family, who is on the GREEN Shift.  Someone who gets it will be a nice change of  pace.

An Odd Phenomon

27 Mar

I know, I know…

22 Mar

I know he’s busy.  I know he is at the 2nd busiest med house in the city.  I also know he is tired and so he needs his nap in the morning.  I get all of that. I really do.  

But, seeing as his med house is so busy, we don’t get to talk for a few minutes at night.  My texts go unanswered, but that is how he always is!  And yet, we still have some last minute plans with the kids that need to be worked out.  

I just wish he’d answer his phone before I get called out of my meeting because my husband did not pick up the kids.  <sigh> I love firewife life most days, just not today.  Think a carrier pigeon could make its way into my bedroom window???  Just trying to think outside the box!  Any ideas on getting a hold of your FF hubby who probably has his phone on vibrate, down on the dining room table?

Happy almost Friday!


16 Mar

Photo: Soviet anti-plague scientistsI think it has hit.  I am waiting for the CDC to quarantine us, drape the house…not a pretty sight here.

We had near 70s on Sunday …yes…in March…in Wisconsin.  And I say, shivering, in a tanktop (silly girl you say, put on somethin’ warmer), a turtleneck (still not done, yet), a hoody (keep going…) and a spare comforter.  Yup, SHIVERING.  We sat on the front porch, trying to study med cards, and I was shivering.  This from the gal that goes bare legged and as close to bare foot as possible once it hits 40s and sun.  I can’t count on one hand how many days I have worn more that a light lambskin jacket in  the last 3 months, most days just my sweater will do.   Hubby got kind a cranky when I did not want to eat the dinner he made or help with the kids at bedtime. The 103.7 fever was rather uncomfortable, but was down by the time I wanted to go to work on Monday, so I did.


Coughing, ribbiting like a frog as I spoke, the dang chills came back.  Wanna know the best part??  IT WAS A BLUE SHIFT!  Shocked?  Me neither.

Next AM, no way I was taking the kids to school.  I literally fell into the wall, going to the bathroom.  Don’t you hate it when it jumps right out in front of you like that!!??    I was not going to drive 4 kids to school and my kids at school already expected me to stay home.  (Turns out they followed my lead…about 20% of my kids were missing, nearly 1/3 of one particular class.)  Hubby took them into school after he got home…but kept calling my phone, hard to sleep that way.  Whatever.

Next AM, still not good, but now…Yup, you guessed it…my FF and my little one…both burning up.  Sigh…just once…can’t I be the ONLY sick one, that everyone else takes care of.  Just ONCE??? <sigh> Ah well, we are quite a team.

Next AM, finally back to work with the 3 oldest muppets, AFFA (Against Firefighter’s Advice ).  I took O to bed with us that night (on my side of course), hoping to spare D from the virus, seeing as the girls choose to sleep in the SAME bed.  So, I got up with her at 2:36 in the FREAKIN’ AM.  Her fever was so high, she just couldn’t get comfortable. It was an early release day, by this point my high schoolers were sending me emails asking me to come back…no real choice.  I get in, still no voice, they are amazed that it is physically possible for me to speak quietly.  Kids are great, but fever returns, ears they are a-ringing and some cottonmouth just for fun.  Get a text before lunch, my kindergartener is the next victim, Daddy had to go get her. 

Fast forward to today, after getting up just after bartime yesterday, I have yet to sleep.  Yup, 1:56 in the PM and no sleep since yesterday, two-thirty-ish.  I ended up with both firegirls (in the most literal, as well as symbolic ways possible) in bed with me, while my hubby slept elsewhere.  (XY predisposition???) Yeah, still not near 70% much less 100%, having to work in the AM and I get custody of the girls…not that I am complaining.  (Truth and accuracy dept. requires I disclose the stomping and slamming of various objects at 0500, however).  Get my two remaining soldiers off to battle and teach a half day.  (Don’t judge… it was a loooooooonnnnggggg half day). My Period A class and I sanitized my class when the lightbulb came on about how many of my students had been out all week.  (Medicine head makes me slow, what can I say.)  I am home now and I find myself trying to hide upstairs, only to have these creatures covered in snot, with various degrees of pallor, continually needing things.  You know…food…water… acetaminophen.  Not sure where they came from…but they truly don’t look familiar.  They keep calling me “momma”. Creepy, I know. (For the record, all while my hubby, who has slept all night and all morning, sleeps in the recliner.  just sayin’.)

It is all good.  I drank two Red Bulls by 9am.  I got my wings.  I am hoping to be able to turn the reins over to my firefighter tonight when the kids go to bed.  He should be able to handle the sleeping part now that the worst of it has passed.  And sleep…perchance to dream…

Wash your hands, sneeze into your elbow, take your fever reducers…oh wait, maybe you escaped the plague.

One Test Down

12 Mar

My hubby passed his Paramedic Final this morning!!! YEAH!!  

So, we have his Practical Exam done, his final for the class done, that leaves us with the written for his National Boards next month.  Graduation is less than a month away.  Then, I get to hope that we are on the Red shift instead of the Blue, but I am not going to hold my breath.  He will be on the Red at Truck 1 until his results come in and then he is off to a Med Unit, still to be determined.

Happy Day!

A Chance to Say Good-Bye

10 Mar

Flags at half mast, a two hour parade of fire trucks, police cars, SWAT tactical vehicles, Engines…all with lights a blazing. A packed gym.  Emergency personnel from the entire region.  Tears.  Laughter.

Members of the Colby Fire Department ride their fire engine Friday with the casket of firefighter Jamison Kampmeyer in the procession to St. Mary’s Cemetery after the funeral Mass for Kampmeyer at Colby High School.
Laura Schmitt/Marshfield News-Herald

He was a husband, a daddy, a SWAT team member, a Sheriff’s deputy (who received his detective’s shield posthumously), a teacher and a firefighter.  Lt. Kampmeyer was truly one who simply wanted to help his community – giving back.  There is a family, a community and a department mourning the loss of one of their own.  His fellow firefighters are going through what they might of missed and why it had to be him.  I can only imagine what his wife is going through, and I truly try to push those thoughts from my mind.

Please take a moment to say a prayer for Lt./Det. Jamison Kampmeyer.  Say a prayer for his wife.  Say a prayer for their three boys, all still so little.  Say a prayer for the community.  Pray for peace and healing.  There is no easy journey to acceptance.  Say a prayer that all of our firefighters and emergency personnel come home safe.

R.I.P. Jamison Kampmeyer.  Peace to your loved ones.  And to the love of my life, come home safe.