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Really??? NOBODY could stop?

18 Jan

I live 2 counties away from where I teach.  My husband has residency requirements – having to live in the city.  No big deal, really.  When we taught for MPS we had to live in the city as well.  But, now that I teach in a private school in Kenosha, it is a bit of a bigger deal.  We live as far out – NW – in the city as you can get w/o leaving the city – closer to Menomonee Falls than most of the rest of the city.  And now I teach 7 miles north of the Illinois border.

My family is not too thrilled with this idea.  Having to travel and hour each way is enough in and of itself.  But when you add snow to the equation – it can be scary.  Most of my drive is interstate, which, for the most part is always pretty clean.  It is the country roads that I take to get from the I to the school that can be treacherous.  We got about 5 inches down here last night, which isn’t that much, but enough to make it messy.  As we came across our first stoplight (I don’t know the cross roads down here.) on 142 – about 3 miles off the expressway, I noticed a car in the ditch with the interior lights on.   I pulled over, told the kids to stay put, and went to make sure the driver was okay.  I got her to open the door, she told me a car in front of her swerved at the curve she panicked trying to avoid him, ending up in the ditch  and found she could not get a signal, so I called 911.  I know, having family in the emergency field, that the operators hate it when you don’t know where you are.  I told her we were on 142 and the next major road was Green Bay, we were just east of the previous set of lights and just west of the bridge.  I thought that was pretty good for someone from Milwaukee on the country roads in Kenosha county.  “Ma’am, if you are before the bridge you are quite a ways away from Green Bay Road. ”  Sorry – next time I’ll ask my Garmin for a distance check.  (1.1 miles)   No one else had called in the accident.  I was the first.

I helped her out of her car – in 4 inch heels, with snow up to my knees – I am freezing in my class as we speak – and waited until the  trooper came.  But here is what blows my mind – NO ONE STOPPED!  Not even the guy who caused this whole mess.  My husband will have my head when he finds out I did, alone, with the boys in the car.  BUT – what if it was me?  I would want to know that someone gave a damn about their fellow person and stopped to be sure we were okay.  I would want someone to call for help if my phone was not working.  I would want someone to care.

The woman was physically okay, but visibly shook up.  Her husband was on the way.  But, felt better when someone was there with her.  You could see the relief on her face.  No idea what her name is, her little black Kia will be fine once the tow truck comes and she will be okay.  No harm, no foul?  Sorry – someone should have stopped before I did.  She should not have had to wait for me to get there.

Be safe in whatever weather you have.  Help your neighbor just because they need it.  Happy Tuesday.