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The Ghosts of Our Past, Present and Future

11 Apr

I feel like Scrooge. I witnessed my past and my possible future all at once. Our wonderful neighbors have had one of the worst couple of days and there has been nothing I could do, but offer support…and think. Their 20-something daughter is dating a less than ideal choice of man. Anyone that tries to control their significant other in any way, but especially through violence, is not worth a second thought. There was drama, loss, medical care requested and heartbreak. Ultimately, the daughter choose the less than stand up guy over her family.

My heart just hurt. Not only for their loss. Also because I saw myself in another life, with a guy who tried to control my every move. I saw the excuses made for the now scar in my hair line. I saw the arguments over this guy. I saw the betrayal and pain. I saw myself.

And then I saw my girls and my heart just dropped.

I know I can’t control my kids’ choices, I can only help give them the tools needed to live their lives. Ultimately, it is their lives with their decisions to make. I can only keep the doors open and discussions at the time where there is a life lesson to be seen. And pray.

Pray that I have raised them right. Pray that our relationship is strong enough that they will come to me with everything good and bad. Pray. Pray that even when they are wearing their big girl shoes, they will still know they can always come home with whatever it is. Pray that I will have the wisdom to help that at whatever stage of life they find themselves.


Creative Play

4 Mar
 I LOVE IT!  It is a huge part of our world!  I believe it helps kids figure out WHO they are, while they are having fun  

I love it.  When we decided to have kids, one of my first “rules” was no video games.  Well, that lasted for a while.  We now have 3 Leapsters, 1 Diigo, 2 DSis and a Wii.  So you can see, I caved.  BUT, I control them with an iron fist and have no issues saying no when asked if someone can play video games.  

I much prefer creative play.  Which is why my boys’ room bleeds Legos, why my girls’ room have their very own version of Kindergarten “centers”.  There are babies (complete with a nursery), dress up clothes, a princess vanity, Lincoln Logs, play food, several doctors’ kits and a kitchen.  I just got rid of the the tool bench with the last move, and was sad to see it go.  I love pretend play.  O LOVES the plain old boring wooden blocks.  I would much rather have them play this way, than any other.  The play cops and robbers in the neighborhood with the rest of the local crew.  The swingset is used all year long.

Even Homework is completed in costume here.

I love technology, I am a self-proclaimed geek, but sometimes the old fashioned, non-battery powered, no power cord ways are the way to go.

But, it does sometimes lead to scenes like this: 
All you can do is clean up, and start again.  In the long run, it is so worth it.

Now, off to the sledding hill.

Gotta love my FireKids.