American Hero Clothing

13 Apr

When J decided to be a firefighter, we  – as a family – totally supported him.  We put life on hold, embraced the career change, the kids surprised daddy on his first shift – Halloween – dressed as mini firefighters, rearranged holidays – you name it, we probably did it.  All for this crazy fire life.

I caught some heat from some feminists on my Facebook, you can read about it here – .  I do identify myself as a Fire Wife.  The Fire Life rules our life – when we can celebrate holidays and birthdays, when someone can get to conferences, what to do if there is a sick kiddo, how many activities can be scheduled for the kids on any given day – all determined by the Red, Green, Blue schedule.  it is nice to find fire clothes that are not made for a small man.  T-shirts that are not smaller versions of my husband’s – always a plus.

A fellow fire wife posted a site that will probably get me in trouble –! .  On her blog she bragged about the shoulder tote she was reviewing – very cute and practical, but I am just not a tote or purse kinda gal.  Might be good for traveling with all by geek gadgets, but not really a day to day item for me.  BUT, what jumped out at me were the tank tops.  In the summer, I live in tank tops.  And the racerback tank tops are perfect for my summer runs!  I am SO excited!

Now, truth and accuracy, I am writing this post as part of a giveaway that Val is doing on her blog . But, none-the-less, I am ordering a few of those tank tops.  Anything catch your eye??


2 Responses to “American Hero Clothing”

  1. Mariah April 16, 2012 at 8:04 am #

    Very cute! They have some really cool stuff!

  2. Val (@busymommaval) April 21, 2012 at 1:32 am #

    Thanks for the promo Trina. I’m not a tote kind of gal either, ESPECIALLY a pink tote. But I’ve loved it. I joke that it reminds me of having a diaper bag. You know, you could toss any and everything into it? It’s great for gadgets and good old fashioned notebooks.

    Off to read the other post you talked about.


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