Time to Move On!

11 Apr

I have been fighting with my blog since I upgraded it.  I know better than to be in the first round of upgrades, but I wanted to see what Google was going to make bigger, better and brighter.  So, I upgraded and started fussin’ like everyone on FaceBook after one of their upgrades.  I HATE IT!!

I couldn’t make it work or find help.  So, I took my business elsewhere.  I will post in both places until I figure out how to have traffic forwarded to the new site.  I found some links, but I have not yet had the time to look at them.  So, please be patient with me while I work my way around the format.  I also have to decide on free vs. premium and all that jazz.

Here is the new link if you are interested. https://mfdwifetoohottohandle.wordpress.com/  I have imported everything, but not all posts transferred. Again, be patient with me.


One Response to “Time to Move On!”

  1. Fire Wife April 12, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    I hope it works out!I moved my blog to WP about a year or so ago… only to move it back after a few months.Everyone has their preferences, but after trying both I really do prefer Blogger. But then I know others who swear by WP.Good luck on your move!


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