Hold Your Ground

23 Dec

We are officially 40 hours into Christmas Break.  And I have officially decided not to let things get to me this holiday season.  I still have 5 presents left to buy, the girls’ presents left to wrap.  All of the bedrooms are clean (except mine).  It has been rather relaxing.  I am usually much further along in my Christmas duties, but I am also usually much more stressed.

Tinker the miniature horse is an old pro – WISN photo

Yesterday, I had an MD appointment.  The doc ordered TWELVE vials of blood.  I think I actually had a vampire instead of a phlebologist!  Went to the mall and walked around, without having to take anyone potty or referee.  Ate a Cinnabon in peace.  Had lunch with my hubby and 2 of the MFD FFs in his med class.  Hung out with some of my friends at the last HS I taught at (I dearly miss the staff there), got mugged by some of my babies in the hall who begged me to come back. (Flattering and heartbreaking all at the same time.)  Grabbed my stocking stuffers for the Muppets, sans candy. (St. Nick’s was kinda nice without candy!) Bought a huge bow for Giovanni as he will be the best present of the day.  We are going from his foster family to his forever family on Christmas Day!  It was a nice day.  Stress free.  Change in the kettles (which my kids have been taking willingly this season, we could learn something from them) and season greetings and smiles to strangers.  Amazing how freeing it is when you decide there is enough stress to life, without making more because of a holiday.  It is supposed to be about family togetherness, not divisiveness.

I could have been locked in my bedroom wrapping presents.  I could have been fussing over those last few gifts.  I could be done with all of my “responsibilities”.  Instead I just chilled.  My cough and snotty nose did not get to me.  My hubby came home and napped for a bit, since he was the one who brought this round of germs home.  Instead of wrapping the gifts, I watched the AHS finale. I didn’t do what my sense of duty told me I should, and it was kind of nice.  It will all get done, not to worry.

Two days until Christmas Eve.  Use this time to reflect on this season of rebirth and renewal, through the life and sacrifice of the coming Christ child.  Use this time to strengthen bonds with friends and family and rebuild bridges if they have been burned.

Live, Laugh, Love.

Enjoy the holidays.



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