Here Is Where I Wish I had More Followers

21 Jan
Halsey and her gaggle o’ fraggles
Ariel is on the right
I don’t often worry too much about who reads what.  This is more a tool for me to make my way into this fireworld with my sanity intact.  I have met some great people because of it.  But now I am asking for your help.  If you could send this out to your circle of friends and family, I would be so thrilled. 

Ariel as a pug, with me as the Cat-teacher.

I graduated from a high school for the performing arts, where I was a music major and was lucky enough to spend a few years teaching (history) there as a grown up.  I LOVED my kids there!  They are different kind of kid, even though I am the first to say kids are kids are kids.  I am where I need to be for my family, but these are the times I miss that world.  Some of those kids became as close to my own as they could possibly, without actually being mine.  Ariel is one of those.

Sometimes I could not get rid of my girls even when class was over.  I look so thrilled.

One of my girls from a few years back – I think she was from the class of  ’09 is a finalist in an animation submission contest.  She sent me a quick note on Facebook – “Psssst. Halsey :D…”  with a link to the contest page -nothing else.  So here I am, pandering for votes for my girl.  

She even has my earrings in here-  Gosh, was I really this grumpy?

Please take a look at this link and vote for Ariel Rivas – she is the second submitted piece down.  She is very talented and very creative – with ideas POURING out of her head.  And if you feel so inclined to pass on the link to your circle of influence to vote for my girl, I would so appreciate that as well.  

Please click here and vote for Ariel Rivas.  I would appreciate and so would this starving artist!

When Ariel decided I was no longer a can, but a golden.
So glad she got the Jersey right!!

And as always – GO PACK GO!!

Sometimes, things just kinda grow on ya!



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