Probably the biggest game of my life

18 Jan

I am a sports nut – my Twitter is all sports, all day; I listen to Sports Talk Radio to and from school on my hour commute; Sundays – don’t talk to me, I am watching football.  And normally by this point in the season, I am still aware and involved, but my countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring training has begun.(26 days)  Not this year.  This year it is all Packers, all day.  To add the cherry on top of my football sundae – the NFC Championship game is Packers vs. Bears.  This is it – probably more exciting than the Superbowl will be on the 2nd.  I do not recall any season in years where the Packers AND the Bears have both been so strong.  It has been any other combination of strengths and weakness, but not this year.  Both teams have proven their worth, in spite of injuries and adversities.   The last time these two teams met was mere days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Milwaukee Sentinel’s Article.

Now, I have been known to trash talk a little – or maybe A LOTTLE (yes – it is a word in my vocabulary).  I have a friend – Bear fan, poor gal – in Germany.  She stays up to watch the games on AFN and the banter back and forth on Facebook is amazing.  We have been like this since day one of training camp.  I teach 7 miles north of the Illinois border.  I would say a good 25-30% of my kids are from the land down under.  The banter in my classes has been unreal.  It has been so much fun.  My stats are more impressive than your stats. We have the SuperBowl Shuffle.  Lombardi Trophy – says it all.  Just back and forth.  My whiteboard has been vandalized with a horrible orange C repeatedly. My door has been plastered with Bears Stickers.  I received a sympathy card from the band director after our loss to the Lions.  I coulod go on and on.  But – it will end soon – for one side or the other.  It has been a fun ride, but someone is going home.  We cannot be co-NFC Champions.  Monday, all of this banter will come to an end. One way or the other.  We will probably never see this again in our lifetimes.  There will always be more match-ups for Green Bay and Chicago for the NFC North Championship – but this is for all the marbles.  We will probably not see it again.

Mind you, we (being the 6th seeded wild card) are 3 point favorites at the HOME FIELD of the NFC North Champions – I’m just sayin’…  Okay, trash talking aside – for now.  With that being sad, I leave you with one final thought.



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